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Amazonite – The Soothing Stone – Crystal Meanings

Amazonite Meaning

Much like the Amazon River, Amazonite is a beautiful and powerful soothing stone. It alleviates worry, fear and dispels negative energy, restoring your spirit to its most serene state.

Amazonite Cheat Sheet

Name Origins: You guessed it! Amazonite takes its name from the mighty Amazon River.

Found: Primarily sourced from USA, Russia, Madagascar, Brazil, Canada,…

Howlite – The Calming Stone – Crystal Meanings

Howlite Meaning

Howlite is a calming stone that teaches patience and eases a restless mind. It is a great tool for meditation as it focuses the mind and helps remove distracting thoughts.

Howlite Cheat Sheet

Name Origins: Takes its name from the stone’s discoverer Henry How of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Found: Primarily sourced in Canada and the United States.

Colour: White with marbling, commonly dyed other colours.

Chakra: Crown

Mantra: “I am calm…”

Fun Fact: Henry How was a humble geologist and actually named the stone “silicoborocalcite”. Fellow scientists renamed it in…