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Disclosure Statement

March 4, 2019

Hello! In compliance with Ad Standards, the Canadian Competition Bureau and the latest Canadian Disclosure Guidelines, we are required to host this page on our site. We are happy to do so because we believe in transparency and honesty when interacting with our readers!

Some pages and posts on our website may contain external links to products and services. Some of the links are set up as affiliate links, which means if you click through and buy something, we are entitled to a commision from the seller – never at any additional cost to the buyer.

This helps support our company so we can continue to produce valuable content for our readers – and we are very grateful! We will never push our readership into anything. We will only recommend products and services that we really think can be beneficial – nothing spammy!

Our relationship with the seller ends there unless otherwise stated. We obviously can’t guarantee any results or specific level of satisfaction from a purchase. We can only go on our own experiences.

Thanks for reading! If you have any further questions about our disclosure or about anything else please reach out – we would love to hear from you!