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Angelite Meaning

Angelite is a gentle stone that emits a reassuring, supportive energy. You can think of it as your guardian angel – always with you during those difficult times.

Angelite Cheat Sheet

Name Origins: The name is attributed to the spiritual properties of the stone, and describes how the white veins in the blue stone resemble angel wings.

Found: Across the globe, large deposits in the Persian Gulf, Northern Europe and Latin America.

Colour: Soft creamy blue with white markings. Opaque.

Chakra: Throat

Mantra: “I am comfortable…” or “I am comforted by…”.

Fun Fact: Exposure to water transforms the stone into common Gypsum. But, the change can be reversed by exposing the stone to hot temperatures.

How can I use it?

Always remember there is no right or wrong way to incorporate crystals into your life. Experiment and see what works for you! Additionally, you can get underway by trying some of the suggested Angelite uses below.

Carry it with you

Wear or pocket some Angelite on days when you are feeling particularly vulnerable. The stone will reassure you and shield you from negativity. When you feel safe you can take bigger strides and push yourself to new levels. Truly a transformative stone for careers and relationships.

Meditate with it

Likewise, when used during meditation, Angelite can cultivate a deep sense of safety and protection. You’ll know that things will work out by the end. This allows your mindset to explore and expand beyond your current environment. Your mantra is “I am comfortable…” or “I am comforted by…” in gratitude.

Interested in meditation but don’t know where to start? It’s a great practice to incorporate into your day-to-day. Check out our beginner’s guide to learn more!

In the home

Keep Angelite in the common areas of your home. The stone will promote an atmosphere of security and acceptance – your friends and family will feel comfortable and at ease. However, if you bring it outdoors with you be careful of moisture as this stone can be damaged by water!

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I look at Crystals and Gemstones as a beautiful tool for accountability. Their presence gives you a nudge – a tireless reminder of the life you’re ready to step into. They help you to work on yourself in a deeper way. But ultimately, you are your own healer.

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