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Amethyst Meaning

Amethyst is one of the most spiritual stones. It brings peace to the brain, enhances memory and helps still restless thoughts. As a result, it aids in meditation and decision making.

Amethyst Cheat Sheet

Name Origin: the word Amethyst comes from the Greek phrase, ‘without drunkeness’. Ancient Greeks and Romans drank from Amethyst-decorated goblets as a talisman against over-indulgence.

Found: Can be found across the globe but commonly sourced from Brazil, Sri Lanka and Uruguay.

Colour: Shades of purple and lavender. Ranges from deep and dark to pale and translucent.

Birthstone: February

Chakra: Crown

Mantra: “I am peaceful…I am at peace…”

Fun Fact: Up until the 18th century, Amethyst was as rare and expensive as diamonds! But once large quantities were discovered in Brazil the price dropped and it has now become easy to find in jewelry and crystal shops.

How can I use Amethyst? 

Always remember there is no right or wrong way to incorporate crystals into your life. Experiment and see what works for you! Additionally, you can get underway by trying some of the suggestions below.

Carry it with you

Keep some crystals close to you throughout your day to support peace of mind, memory and a centered outlook. It helps prevent over-stimulation and overwhelm if you’re heading into a stressful environment. Similarly, the stone will help you identify and dispel unhealthy attachments or addictive patterns.

Meditate with it

This gemstone helps the mind rise above distracting and mundane thoughts. As you meditate with Amethyst you are subject to higher spiritual awareness, leaving you with a deep sensation of peace. Remember the mantra: “I am peace…” or “I am at peace…” or “I am peaceful…”

Interested in meditation but don’t know where to start? It’s a great practice to incorporate into your day-to-day. Check out our beginner’s guide to learn more!

In the home

The gemstone can be very helpful for those who experience insomnia and nightmares. Simply place the stone under your pillow to promote restful sleeps. Also, try keeping the crystal on your desk at work (or anywhere you are routinely subjected to stress) to keep energy clear and positive.

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I look at crystals and gemstones as a beautiful tool for accountability. Their presence gives you a nudge – a tireless reminder of the life you’re ready to step into. They help you to work on yourself in a deeper way. But ultimately, you are your own healer.

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