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Jessica Buell

Hi friends!

My name is Jessica. Welcome to The Beautiful Nomad, a resource for integrating wealth and wellness into a holistic way of living.

I want you to believe that your success is inevitable. And, I hope to inspire you to create a life and business you love- full of purpose and passion! I want you to create more freedom for yourself. More freedom in the way that wealth creates and more freedom in the way that time creates! Maybe it means more (luxury?) travel, being able to shop from your favourite local brands, spending more time with family and treating them to nice things.

Having designed jewelry for the past 4 years under ‘The Beautiful Nomad’ we have decided to expand into this resource-based website. This new site is a way to funnel my passion for integrating wellness with business and to grow a community of women who are on a similar journey. We are still designing our beautiful gemstone mala beads for all your self care needs.

Getting a degree in business (BBA Entrepreneurial Leadership) allowed me to run The Beautiful Nomad as my full time career within 2 years, which I’m very proud of. But there was something missing- I was lacking the mindset to really take our business to the next level. You know- to be able to afford those little (or big) luxuries that you dream of.

But, when I started designing mala bead jewelry about two years into my jewelry career it changed everything. It introduced me to the world of meditation, chakras and crystals (oh my!). And that was it. As I began my path to wellness and changed my mindset, I realized how important the combination of both the woo woo and the work are to designing your dream life.

This change in mindset (remove those limiting beliefs!) made me realize you can be/do/have anything you want! Like, can I just shop at Whole Foods 24/7, or join the fanciest yoga studio I can get my hands on, please and thank you!

This is something I truly believe in and what has taken my business to the next level. I’ve created this platform to combine my obsessive passion for integrating wellness and business into a holistic way of life.

If this resonates with you, we’d love to tell you about The Beautiful Nomad Business School – where we give you all the details on aligning your chakras, removing limiting beliefs, and creating your dream biz. I believe that you have the potential to create more freedom for yourself in both time and wealth. 

Also, please enjoy all the content on our blog to get you started on your path to wealth and wellness. We’ll be adding more content regularly so check in often.

And, if you’re interested in beginning or levelling up your meditation practice, please check us out our beautiful gemstone mala jewelry.

These days, my husband and I work full time with The Beautiful Nomad from our home in beautiful Vancouver, BC, where we love going on hikes, going out to eat, traveling and working on our businesses!

– Jessica